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Cooneen & HemingwayDesign – The Partnership

Cooneen and HemingwayDesign exclusive partnership to redefine staff uniforms for the corporate world.

In Cooneen and HemingwayDesign we genuinely believe that the corporate uniform industry has at last got a team that delivers on design and manufacturing excellence. In addition to our sourcing and logistic expertise and our ability to deliver high quality corporate uniforms, HemingwayDesign provides high quality, world renowned design. We have both tested our relationship with a demanding and 20,000 strong workforce at Transport for London the success which can be easily seen for anyone who has travelled on the TfL network of services in the last 18 months. Together with HemmingwayDesign, we have designed and manufactured all Transport for London corporate uniforms for their 20,000 staff.

Corporate uniform for Transport for London designed by HemingwayDesign and manufactured by Cooneen Group.

Uniform design needs to firstly match if not exceed the requirements of a client, both in promoting their brand identity and values, and clothing their staff in garments they feel proud and happy to wear. However design needs to seamlessly integrate with production and supply, where one cannot exist without the other. The reality is this is rarely evident in uniforms seen in retail and commercial organisations. Why? Because rarely do these elements work together from the outset. But when they do, the results are amazing, eye-catching and innovative. It is this which Cooneen & HemingwayDesign bring to projects.

Together we bring our clients:

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