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A strong sense of community is simply part of our DNA

When the Cooneen Group first started out as a small family clothing business just over 50 years ago, one of our main goals was to provide employment for local families living within our community.

But more than that, we really wanted to support, sustain, and develop the small rural community of which we were a part, so that everyone living in our midst could prosper and benefit in some small way.

Fortunately, this sense of community is still as strong as ever within the Cooneen Group which is why CSR is nothing new to us: striving to make a positive difference to the lives of ordinary people, and the communities in which we do business, has always been our ethos.

Finally, our strong human values and our dedication to making all our employees valued members of our team, are evidenced by the fact that some of the very first employees who joined Cooneen in 1966, are still with us to this day!

Our strong commitment to CSR

We are 100% committed to ethically sourcing the products we use because we strongly believe in playing our part in ensuring a just and fair society, where everyone can thrive and prosper.

We are also fully committed to supporting a cleaner environment, and to improving the quality of life of our employees and their families, so that we can leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities in which we are located.

Supporting Education in our Communities

Cooneen HR Department enjoyed participating in an interview skills day at our local College, Fivemiletown High School.

It gave students the opportunity to experience what a real life job interview would be like.

Students also received constructive feedback and helpful tips from the  interviewers with a view to helping them hone their interview skills and be fully prepared when entering the workplace.

It was an enjoyable day and Cooneen would like to thank Fivemiletown High School for inviting the company to take part.

Our commitment to using ethically sourced products

The Cooneen Group is committed to ethically source its products, protect its customers and other interested parties, to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families, the supply chain and the local communities in which Cooneen operates. Cooneen regards people as its most valuable resource and is committed to ensuring the rights of all employees. Since voluntarily establishing a Social Accountability Management System in 2009 the Cooneen Group have continually developed its systems to ensure the provision of safe, humane and healthy working conditions for all workers within its supply chain. Cooneen actively promotes and supports Workers Rights and Community Development through its “Supporting Workers” and “Supporting Communities” capacity building” programmes across its global supply chain. For more information please contact the Cooneen Group.

Our commitment to Quality

To verify its systems and provide evidence of its commitment to quality Cooneen first achieved registration to BS5750 in 1986. Since that date Cooneen has continuously maintained an independently accredited Quality Management System. The Cooneen Group believe that delivering quality products and service is key to obtaining high levels of customer satisfaction and business sustainability.

Cooneen Group have held the internationally recognised Quality Management Systems standard ISO9001 continually, since 2005.

Our commitment to contributing to a fair and just society

To enable us to verify any information relating to our CSR standards, policies and practice, and to allow us to easily communicate this information to interested parties (suppliers, clients, and customers), all companies within the Cooneen Group are members of SEDEX.

Membership of this organisation demonstrates our willingness, as an organisation, to share information for the purpose of helping to manage and improve ethical standards within the supply chain.

In support of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its pursuance of the eradication of slavery, servitude, child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and workplace abuse, the Cooneen Group is committed to playing its part in eradicating modern slavery in the communities in which it operates, and has voluntarily and publicly issued its annual Anti-Slavery Statement.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement 2024

Our commitment to creating a cleaner environment

To allow us to meet our ambitious environmental targets, we continually use our management systems to deliver improvements to our global supply chain, by cascading, monitoring, and verifying progress towards the principles and requirements of ISO14001. Since achieving ISO14001 registration in 2008 Cooneen has achieved significant reductions in its environmental performance and sustainability.

* Cooneen Group have held the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO14001 continually, since 2008.

Cooneen CSR Capacity Building Programmes

In collaboration with our supply chain partners, Cooneen are continuing to deliver awareness, capability, co-operation and participation in key ethical areas.

Delivering First Aid Training







Delivering Fire Training













Delivering Employee Participation and Co-operation













Delivering Anti-Harassment

“Supporting communities by creating opportunities”

Wherever we operate around the world, we are always very conscious that expanding our business into new areas means entering into the lives of ordinary people.

This in turn brings with it a responsibility to support and improve the local communities in which we operate, by providing them with employment opportunities, by investing in education, by sponsoring teachers, or by providing much needed facilities and infrastucture.

Thankfully, given our own very strong sense of community and our corporate values of integrity, innovation, success and leadership, this responsibility is one we take extremely seriously, and is one we are passionate about delivering on.

To find out more about our CSR community initiatives, contact us and we will be delighted to provide you with details of other projects our work has positively impacted.



In addition to compliance with all UK legislation, the Cooneen Group voluntarily supports and respects the principles of the following international instruments:

ILO Convention 1 (Hours of Work – Industry) and Recommendation 116  (Reduction of hours of work)

ILO Conventions 29 (Forced Labour) and 105 (Abolition of Forced Labour)

ILO Convention 87 (Freedom of Association)

ILO Convention 98 (Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining)

ILO Conventions 100 (Equal Remuneration) and 111 (Discrimination – Employment and Occupation)

ILO Convention 102 (Social Security – Minimum Standards)

ILO Convention 131 (Minimum Wage Fixing)

ILO Convention 135 (Workers Representatives)

ILO Convention 138 and Recommendation 146 (Minimum Age)

ILO Convention 155 and Recommendation 164 (Occupational Safety and Health)

ILO Convention 159 (Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment – Disabled Persons)

ILO Convention 169 (Indigenous and Tribal peoples)

ILO Convention 177 (Home work)

ILO Convention 182 (Worst forms of Child Labour)

ILO Convention 183 (Maternity Protection)

ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination